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Tianzi Hotel

In the Weird Travel category  the Tianzi Hotel, is located in Hebei province, China in the Son of Heaven Garden, Yanjiao Economic-Technological Development Zone, Langfang. It is a ten-story high representation of, Fu Lu Shou (good fortune, prosperity and longevity), three Chinese epic heroes proudly standing in front of you as you enter through the right foot.

This ten-storey building in the shape of  these three huge Heroes was built in 2000 in the Chinese city of Langfang, Hebei Province, between Beijing and Tianjin.  Apparently it holds the Guinness World Record for the “biggest image building”…whatever that means.

The hotel’s official website @ (which is no longer working)  indicated that it takes only 20 minutes by Beijing Bus from World Trade Centre in Beijing to the Garden.  The rooms are smaller than typical hotel rooms but there are adequate facilities according to local sources. There are 2 unique suites in the hotel – the Peach suite which can be seen in the photo, Fu is holding in his left hand and the 9th floor presidential suite.

Wonder what the Feng shui is on having a rear facing room?


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