Travel Tech: New Smartphone plans for Cruise Travellers

Posted on May 30, 2013 | Comments Off on Travel Tech: New Smartphone plans for Cruise Travellers


AT &T has launched new Smartphone plans for Cruise Travellers to help you keep in touch with family and friends while you’re on a cruise with a wireless service that’s now offered on many cruise ships worldwide. The joint venture with Wireless Maritime Services provides voice and data roaming services on select cruise ships, so you can use your wireless device (with compatible frequency) while roaming internationally at reasonable rates.

This service is automatically available on most cruise ships, so you don’t need an International Roaming feature on your account to use your device while on board the ship. A Wireless Travel Guide tool to verify that the service is available on your cruise ship, check your device for compatibility, and get the International Roaming Pay-Per-Use voice/data/messaging rates is available

AT&T announced three different Cruise Ship Package plans with cruise travelers in mind:

  • AT&T Cruise Ship Calling: Includes 50 minutes for $30 per month
  • AT&T Cruise Ship Calling and Messaging: Offers 50 minutes of talk and 100 text/picture/video messages sent for $60 per month
  • AT&T Cruise Ship Calling, Messaging and Data: Includes 50 minutes, 100 messages sent and 100MB of data for $120 per month

A minimum one-month trial is required, which works well with the idea of “turn it on before you sail, turn it off after you’re done.” The new plan is currently limited to the ships of Royal Caribbean International, Azamara Club Cruises and select Celebrity Cruises ships. See for list of ships and details.

On-ship networks operate only while in international waters. Docked at a pier, anyone with a smart phone can turn it on and access any available signal. Right about then would be a good time to have Boingo installed to pick among available signals and log in on one that works with your device at no additional charge.AT&T Cruise Ship package kicks in when users see “Cellular at Sea” displayed on your device.
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