Travel Tech – Google Translate adds Phrase Book

Posted on Mar 21, 2013 | Comments Off on Travel Tech – Google Translate adds Phrase Book

Google Translate

Google Translate adds Phrase Book, a new feature that lets you save phrases on the service for future reference. To use Phrasebook, you must be signed into your Google account. Saving new translations into Phrasebook is similar to the way you bookmark a web page. Once you’ve entered your phrase and received a translation you like, hit the star icon at the bottom of the translation window and it is automatically saved to Phrasebook.

Phrasebook appears to be a desktop-only feature at this stage, and is not yet  fully integrated on the mobile version of Google Translate for smartphones and tablets.  Also currently missing  in Phrasebook an offline mode to access your phrases without an Internet connection which would be very handy for travellers.

Google Translate can be an effective tool, but be careful about the phrases and words you save to your Phrasebook. Google’s translation tool can make you look overly formal or completely outdated in your understanding of common phrases.

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