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Qantas has announced expansion of its inflight entertainment experience with iPads to be introduced to flights from Sydney to Hawaii as part of a refresh of its Boeing 767s.

Every seat will have an iPad with Q Steaming using onboard Wifi to stream entertainment direct to the tablets.

“Q Steaming has been extremely popular with Qantas customers on the domestic network and we are pleased to offer it to our customers travelling to Honolulu,” said Alison Webster, executive manager of international customer experience.

Passengers will have access to more than 200 hours of movies, TV programs and music is streamed to the iPads with a greater choice to follow to match that of the full in-flight entertainment system.

Qantas said it is also looking to add games, travel and business related apps and digital newspapers and magazines.

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Luggage Tracker- Cool Travel Tech

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Luggage Tracker

Find + Track your lost luggage

If you are a frequent traveller lost luggage is almost an unavoidable hazard at some stage in your travel history.  In North America alone over 28 million pieces of luggage were lost last year.  There is now even a reality TV show, Baggage Battles where punters get rich off of traveller misfortune from unclaimed luggage.

A elegantly simple new product Trackdot gives frequent travellers a greater sense of security and control for just under $50 + activation and annual subscription @ $21. The palm-sized plastic device slips discreetly into your suitcase and updates the owner on its location via an app, SMS, email or the Trakdot website.  Trakdot relies on a quad-band GSM chip and triangulation, which allows it to last up to two weeks on a fresh pair of AA batteries ( included).

Yes it is FCC and FAA certified, when you fly Trakdot knows and goes to sleep. Upon arriving at your destination, Trakdot wakes up and reports its new location. Like Apples handy find my iPhone utility, you can track your lost bag via the an IOS or Android App or via the Trackdot website where you can set up customised text and email notifications or pin location via Google Maps.


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Cool Travel Tech

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Emergency + Travel Phone

SpareOne low cost Travel+ Emergency Phone

Cool Travel Tech

Most of us have had some sort of bad experience with mobile phone bill shock while travelling. There are many tips to avoid this by using free wifi zones, Skype, etc.  But sometimes you just want to make a local call and not pay the frieght in both directions across the globe.  This can be acheived by purchasing a local or prepaid global sim card.  However even this can get complex if your handset is locked to one carrier at home, not to mention  full size sims vs micro and mini sims.  One innovative company may have found the perfect inexpensive solution.

The folk at SpareOne have come up with an even simpler idea, a low cost basic phone for voice calls while you travel for under $100 that works on a single AA battery, and includes a flashlight.  It takes both regular and micro sims, so easy to buy a sim on the road.  Also ideal for trips where your expensive smart phone may not live through the dust, heat and moisture of the adventure.

It comes in two different GSM frequencies for use throughout the world: 1) 850/1900 MHZ   2) 900/1800 MHZ.  It works just about anywhere with the usual exceptions of Japan, and Korea who have their own GSM standards, and the Arctic and Antarctica regions.

It even allows you to make emergency calls without an active sim in place. Definitely worth throwing into your backpack for your next travel experience off the beaten path.

SpareOne emergency + Travel phone video

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