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Power Travel

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We all have them, drawers full of adaptors, cables, and dongles.  As road warriors we have collected over the years every possible combination of power plug to suit our increasing number of essential travel devices.  If you travel with a digital camera, mobile phone, laptop, iPod, E-reader or tablet device, you have noticed a growing combination of electronic attachments that takes up time and space in your luggage.

It is a real challenge to reduce this to something more manageable. There are all sorts of universal plugs, kits, USB hubs that try help you solve your travel power dilemmas.

One of my favourite tricks is to pack a small power board or double adaptor, which allows you to reduce the number of country specific plug adaptors required and can assist in charging multiple devices at once.  Also carrying a powered USB hub can take some of the complexity out of recharging phones, iPods, cameras and tablets , reducing the need to carry multiple AC adaptors for each device.  Most of our digital devices these days can be powered by USB cable rather than direct AC,  this is a great compact alternative but can take more time to fully charge your devices.

It is also handy to know what plug combination is required at your destination, here is a great reference site that I use to keep track of the many power plug versions around the world.


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Foodie Travel

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One of the joys of travel is experiencing new food sensations enjoyed  by the locals.  A great way to see what the locals eat is to visit a local market or department store and view what local delicacies are on offer.  It is always a feast for the eyes and the senses and many stalls provide taste tests for you to sample.  On a recent trip to Seoul I visited the food hall of the Lotte department store chain and looked in wonder at the assortment of Kimchi, a highly spiced and fragrant pickled vegetable dish usually including cabbage ,  the many types of flavoured seaweeds and beautifully packaged fruits on offer provide a feast for the eyes.

So get out of your comfort zone and shop like a local

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