Power Charging on the Go

Posted on Jun 15, 2013 | Comments Off on Power Charging on the Go

PocketCell Duo


For power charging on the Go.  The PocketCell™ Duo is an ultra-compact rechargeable battery bank, featuring an impressive capacity and dual USB power-ports that allow you to charge two tablet-PCs or two smartphones to full charge twice simultaneously.

Two built-in USB power ports combined with the critically acclaimed Magic Cable Trio—featuring an Apple-compliant tip, a micro and mini-USB tip—enable you to charge up to 10,000 USB-chargeable devices anytime, anywhere!

The Smart Charge feature intelligently detects the type of device the PocketCell™ Duo is connected to, and delivers the right amount of power to charge your device quickly and safely every time. The Innergie PocketCell™ Duo is equipped with a suite of protection features.  These features provide you with ease-of-mind while charging your devices wherever life takes you.

Well worth adding to your road warrior kit bag. SRP $89 USD

PocketCell Duo

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