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A new device offering an affordable mobile data hotspot for global roaming is something to consider for your next trip. There is no doubts that Smartphones, tablets and laptops have all make travel easier and more enjoyable.  But all of those gadgets depend upon an Internet connection to be useful and at times it can be a real challenge to find such a connection and at an affordable rates while travelling to avoid Bill Shock on return home. Mobile Internet services that works internationally can turn into a very expensive exercise.

Enter Globalgig, a mobile Internet provider that is working to take the complexity and high costs out of the equation. The service launched last fall, giving users flat pricing – without monthly contracts – for mobile Internet that works in three countries – the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. By mixing reliable 3G cellular service with affordable data tiers, Globalgig has quickly become a solid choice for the connected international traveler.

Globalgig is announcing expanding the service in more countries and aggressive new price points that will make it an even more attractive option for globetrotters. By partnering with wireless carriers in Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Hong Kong, customers can now stay connected while traveling to each of those destinations in addition to the original three countries.

Monthly fees now start at just $17 for 1GB of data, while other options include 2GB for $25, 5GB for $45 and 10GB for $80. Additionally, users can now choose to either buy the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for $119 or get it free by signing an 18-month contract.

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