Burj Al Arab provides gold-plated iPads – but look, don’t keep

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Dubai hotel to provide guests with gold iPad

The 24-carat devices are worth £6,715 each

Guests at the self-proclaimed world’s most-luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, are being bestowed with a new privilege on arrival – a gold-plated iPad

3:53PM BST 20 May 2013

As lesser hotels struggle to provide free wi-fi, guests at the Burj Al Arab, one the world’s tallest hotels, are being offered one of the 24-carat devices, worth £6,715, upon check-in.

While the “bling” equipment may be deemed a little showy for some tastes, the iPads are specially engraved with the name of the hotel and contain software that acts as a “virtual concierge”, offering information on the hotel’s many services which include private dining experiences and a butler.

The hotel said it had introduced the gold iPad, “the ultimate in luxury accessories”, as a way of making itself stand out from its competitors. It also frequently refers to itself as a “seven-star” property.

The limited edition iPad is designed by Gold & Co. Guests need to return it on checking out.

The hotel has also recently installed iMacs into all its suites – an item that can also be found in much cheaper hotels however, such as the Mama Shelter in Paris. (Read the Mama Shelter review here).

The addition will be welcomed by the kind of high-spending guests that frequent the hotel’s Royal Suite, a 8,395-square-ft room located on the 25th floor.

Inside are marble floors, mahogany furniture, Hermes toiletries, a private cinema and a rotating four-poster bed. Guests can also make use of a chauffeur-driver Rolls Royce or helicopter (at extra cost).

The Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai

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