Bose noise cancelling headphones – indulge your ears

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Bose noise cancelling headphones


Any frequent traveller knows the benefit of a good pair of headphones on a long haul flight. The Bose Noise cancelling headphones QC3 are my luxury indulgence for travelling.

Bose proprietary Acoustic Noise Cancelling and audio headphone technologies work together so you hear less unwanted noise, and more of your music. A quieter listening experience, combined with Bose quality sound, reveals nuances in your music you never noticed before. And even when you’re not listening to audio, you can still use the headphones to fade ambient noise—with the flick of a switch. An oasis of quiet on your hectic journey.

They have a comfortable fit and their fold-flat earcups and included case make them great travelling companions. Dual rechargeable batteries give you excellent range even on the longest haul flights. They also come with a standard and dual pin adapter for connection to the standard in seat AV system.

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