Argentine court delays LAN’s eviction from Buenos Aires airport

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Argentine court delays LAN's eviction from Buenos Aires airport

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Aug 29, 2013

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Court extended LAN’s deadline to leave a Buenos Aires airport, as video surfaces of rival Argentine airline CEO requesting Fernández kick LAN out of Argentina.

A leaked video, protests and a court ruling have stirred the already volatile situation surrounding an order for LAN Airlines to depart from its hangar at Argentina’s main domestic airport — no return flights optional.

On Wednesday, Argentine judge Claudia Rodríguez Vidal called for an extension of the 10-day deadline, which expired that day, given by Argentina’s state-owned airport regulator (ORSNA) to LAN. She said LAN could not be barred from using its hanger until the move’s legality was established.

LAN has a contract to work with the Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport until 2023. The company says it will close its operations in Argentina if it is forced to abandon its hangar. Around 1,500 jobs will be lost if the closure proceeds, sparking protests by LAN’s Argentine employees throughout the week.

The airline has precedent on its side to suggest that the Argentine court may come to its defense. Tango and Mac Air airlines were similarly asked to leave the airport, but the Argentine court also ruled in their favor.

The ruling comes as Mariano Recalde, president of the state-owned Aerolíneas Argentinas, is feeling the sting for statements he made about LAN more than three years ago. Speaking at Agrupación Oesterheld, a group which hosts various national speakers on Argentine topics, Recalde was recorded saying that he had asked President Cristina Fernández for the closure of LAN’s routes in Argentina.

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